Tiny Rare Earth Magnets Run Just About Everything

small rare earth magnets

The Apple iPad Pro has tiny rare earth magnets that are embedded in every surface. This includes the internal components. The top and bottom are surrounded by four large rare earth magnetics. On the left and right sides, tiny rare-earth magnetics provide an external keyboard protector, as well as an Apple Pencil. These magnets are used to fix the pencil to fix it to the iPad.

A rising number of instances of ingestion and aspiration of small rare-earth magnets are reported each year. Although the cause of these incidents are not known experts believe that the rise in instances of aspiration and ingestion of small rare-earth magnets could be due to the returning of strong rare-earth magnetics. Children are highly sensitive to these magnetic particles, and small pieces of the magnetic object can tear a child’s intestinal tract.

The small rare-earth magnets measure 0.25″ in cube and contain a mixture of Neodymium, Iron and other elements. They can be used to fix tools to metal workbenches or refrigerators, hold small children against a refrigerator and trigger reed switches. If swallowed, these strong rare earth magnets can cause serious injury. However, due to their size, they are not considered to be a danger for choking.

In addition to their huge size, rare earth magnets have a low rate of demagnetization. This means that even though a child swallows one of them however, it will not lose its magnetic attraction. This is particularly crucial for children who are at risk of developing intestinal or stomach blockages. These tiny devices are usually smaller than BB pellets. They are also among the most dangerous toys on the market. A pediatric gastroenterologist has stated that these are even more hazardous than button batteries or coins.

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